Elephant necklace~TWO FACES~

Elephant necklace ~TWO FACES~

P1050490     CBneck (2)

Elephant is big, strong, smart, and unique shape, such as a very popular animal. On the other side, killed for their ivory unnecessarily. This necklace has expressed that the one face shining in the light with great ivory and the other face in the shadow lost ivory.

Such African elephant to protect, will be in eco-fashion event Elephantasia2016 to sue the current situation I am allowed to participate in charity, we have designed and produced the elephant theme. (Here omitted is about the event.)

Cut out cardboard in the profile type of elephant, it is across as edging in two of the brass plate. Left is brilliant elephant with ivory, it right the elephant who lost a light that has lost ivory (it is difficult to see in this photograph have been made texture).

1457655992506 (3)

Crumpled  the thick cardboard for making the texture, it feels like elephant skin. Coated so do not dirty when worn as a necklace , make holes to put the swarovski stone on the ivory . . . Production midway we’ll take a look at the state of trial and error .


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