Custom-made brooch necklace

This is custom-made brooch necklace. I was requested to design which use ‘friendly rabbit and snake’ as a motif, but it was not so easy as you know. And the other difficult point was the item. This is brooch necklace, which means the customer would like to wear it sometimes as a brooch and sometimes as a necklace. I did not want to show the brooch bar when she wears it as a necklace, so I had to hide the bar in it. It was bit difficult, I spent long time to design it and made it carefully. Then, finally I did it! The customer loves it which made me happy!


design plan

1476233210585  1476233235485  1476233250362


1476233264564 1476233296907


Rabbit and Snake brooch necklace  (silver 925 / 4 diamonds / baby pearl)


1476233379781   1476233351578



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