Pepper pierced earrings

pepper pierced earrings in the bottle


Real pepper in resin (PLtr series)

Designed carefully, made trial production many times.
And I had many meetings with specialized of resin craftsmen.
It is strong and hard to degrade, polished cleanly.
So, very clear, almost no bubbles.
It takes about 3 weeks to finish as carefully making it.

This is my favorite. (I have no pierce hole!Sorry!)
I always wear it when I go out.
It is light and easy to use.
Because it fits any clothes in casual or business scenes.
I have it more than 3 years, but LOOK!
Still clear and beautiful!
(The image has been darkened so it processes only the brightness and size.)

I do not care about at all.
I do not keep it in a special case.
I do not polish it beautifully every time.
Does not matter the sunshine, temperature, and humidity.
But it keep beautiful!
The surface is never sticky, and the color has not become yellow yet.
You can wash it, if it gets dirty. Thinners are OK!
(Of course thinner is NO GOOD for the connection part of the metal and the resin, Because I use glue for it.)

If you are interested in PLtr resin jewelry, check our ONLINE SHOP!


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