How to care for resin jewelry?

How do you clean the resin jewelry?

It depends on the type of resin. Here we would like to explain how to care for the resin which used for the PLtr series of Argenteria ginkgo.


The resin of the PLtr series is a kind of resin that is hardened by heat and is also used for buttons and dishes. It does not get sticky if you keep it in temperature and humidity in everyday life.

【Daily cleaning】

● Easy to clean → After wiping away sweat / sebum dirt with tissue paper or soft cloth etc.

● Careful maintenance → Lightly rubbing with baking soda paste which mixed with a little water. Wash thoroughly and wrap with new tissue paper and wipe off moisture firmly. Dry with a hair dryer. Please keep it lightly away from the top of the tissue by 30 cm or more. (Be careful not to get too hot!) Without baking soda, mild detergent is okay. Rinse completely.  Please do not put it in the liquid for a long time such as water, hot water, detergent etc. Although there is no problem for each part, as the connecting part of metal parts and resin may become weak.

【Special cleaning】

●Dirty dirt and grease stuck!→Wash with soap and mild detergent. You can get it just by rubbing it with your finger, but it would be nice to use a toothbrush. After that, of course, please wash it thoroughly and wipe off moisture firmly.

●I got paint and manicure! → Wipe lightly with a remover or thinner. The surface is polished cleanly, you can wipe it off quickly. Dye stains that have been stained due to long-term adhesion can not be removed. When it got dirty please try to wipe it immediately.

●The metal part has discolored!→We recommend replacing to new one. If it is a product of Argenteria ginkgo we will do it free of charge (please pay shipping fee) so please contact us.

Actually, our products are quite tough. So, you can wipe strongly with dried towel, rubbing strongly with soft sponge. But we can not recommend it easily because we do not know what kind of thing you use. We will give you some advice if you can consult individually, so please contact us.

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By the way, we do not recommend this maintenance method for UV resin products. Please be sure to contact each brand as it may be scratched or deteriorated.

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